What does CA Gun Law 2018 do?

The State of California has enacted some of the most extensive and comprehensive laws related to firearm ownership in the United States. These laws are both complicated and difficult to access for the average citizen. The California Gun Law App has complied and organized an extensive collection of statutes and regulations that apply to the most common aspects of firearm ownership in the state. Whether you are an owner of firearms, a law enforcement officer, or just an interested citizen, this app helps make sense out of California’s gun laws.

This app contains active statutes and regulations as of 2018 related to the majority of firearms owners. For the sake of simplicity, certain laws of a highly specialized nature (including some laws related specifically to law enforcement agencies and firearms dealers) have been omitted. This app DOES NOT attempt to explain or interpret the law. Only an attorney can provide that service. This app is designed to place the actual statutes and regulations at your fingertips so you can inform yourself on the law and begin to understand your rights and responsibilities.


About the Author

Sam McGovern is a California native who was first introduced to shooting sports while attending college in Virginia. After working in media production for a few years after college, Sam followed his dream of becoming a police officer. While living and working as an officer in West Virginia, Sam gained extensive first hand knowledge of firearms and their role in society. Sam also gained professional firearms training and developed competitive shooting skills.

After working in law enforcement for five years, Sam accepted a scholarship to attend law school back in California. Between legal education and his first-hand experience moving his personally-owned firearms into California, Sam became well-acquainted with the state’s extensive and often mysterious gun laws.

The California Gun Law App is Sam’s solution to the inaccessibility and confusing nature of the laws that affect personal ownership of firearms in the state.

“I knew citizens needed better access to read the actual laws on the books. Something that the gun shop owner or the online forum told you doesn’t hold up when you’re standing face-to-face with a police officer.”

Sam created the app knowing that even police officers don’t always know exactly what the law says, especially when the law is complicated and evolving. In an unfortunate situation where a law enforcement officer is attempting to determine if you have broken the law or not, your best chance of avoiding arrest is backing up your actions with a citation to the California Penal Code.